Monday, December 10, 2012

Do you think his parents are lawyers?

I hear this from the other room while making lunch today:

Jamesie: Crying.
Sean: Mom! Jamesie assumed the risk!

And more theological philosophizing today:

Erin: Sean, you are the most beautiful creature ever made.
Sean: People aren't creatures!
Erin: Sure we are.  We are the creatures and God is the creator.
Sean: You mean God the Father, the Lord, the Giver of Life?
(Yes, I meant that one.)

Sean: Mom, where is the garden that Adam and Eve lived in?
Erin: No one knows for sure.
Sean: But it is on Earth.
Erin: Yes, it is on Earth, no one knows where though.
Sean: I think maybe in Denver.
(think he enjoyed our trip to Colorado? Denver = Paradise)

And just now as I type:
Sean: Mom, when is God going to put another baby in your belly?
Erin: I'm not sure, I think we'll wait until Sissy is grown up a little bit though.
Sean: Why?
Erin: Well, remember how much my back hurt when I was pregnant with her?  I think we need a little break.
Sean: God told me in my heart that He'll wait until Sissy is four until he puts another baby in your belly.
(Wouldn't that be nice?)


Peggy said...

I love all the Seannie soundbites that you always publish. They provide such insight into what is going on in his little head. Imagine how entertaining it will be when James starts sharing his thoughts...

Denise said...

Wow, I don't even know what assumed the risk means. I think some people think Eden was in Iraq, btw!