Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's a big weekend here in Charleston-- our first ever babysitter/nanny, Valerie, is getting married.  I feel like I'm in a time warp-- she was JUST over here watching baby Sean and finishing up college, and now I'm getting three kids ready to go to her wedding...when did that happen?  Sean has a very special role in her wedding, with a *very* special friend---here's a preview, with more wedding pictures tomorrow or later in the week:

Sean had this weird Bachelor-type smile he would do for pictures, I guess to go with his fluorescent tank top, which he picked out specifically for Greta's visit. 

There's our real Seannie! (And photo-bomber baby sister in the background!). 

Nope, back to Bachelor-Seannie. 

After this followed a long discussion about how each one was really good at doing silly faces.  

Then, I overheard the following, more serious, conversation: 
Sean: Greta, do you know who you want to marry yet? 
Greta: Um, no. 
Sean: Maybe me? 
Greta: Um, OK. 
Sean: Because I know that I definitely want to marry you. 
Greta: OK, I want to marry you too!  

Does that count as a betrothal?  Later, Sean informed her "Greta, I am going to be a farmer when I grow up," you know, just so she knows what she's getting into.  

Domestic happiness.  
When Cody came home Sean told him that Greta's hair looked just like Ramona Quimby's (he just finished all the Ramona books), but like, not her face.  

There are even two little brothers!  When the Reetz clan arrived, Sean ran inside and shouted "Xavi looks like Jamesie!"

Creative happiness.  Together. 

Throughout our visit yesterday Sean would occasionally walk by and just cuddle Greta.  It was like he just couldn't get enough of the fact that she was really truly in his own house again.  During the rehearsal I saw him reach over and just rub her back or shoulder several times, just so naturally and grown-up!

Babies! Last week I overheard Sean tell Annalisa, "Sissy, when Greta comes, there will be a baby for you." 

Serious practice time.  These two are going to nail their roles today. 

5 years after it all began-- Sweet Valerie taking time to just listen and love on our "babies," even in the midst of her own rehearsal dinner.  She is perfect for the vocation she is about to enter into, and we are so happy and excited for her, and feel blessed to have had her in our lives this long.  


Denise said...

cute! i like both of seannie's smiles. and annalisa's ponytail. and jamesie's fisherman sweater.

Peggy said...

Very sweet to re-connect like that. Great for both families! Any pictures of Sean and Greta in their wedding finest?