Thursday, November 14, 2013

The littlest

Looking back on the last few posts I realize I haven't updated with many pictures of the baby lately.  She has changed so much in the last few months-- her hair is long enough for a teeny ponytail or itty bitty pigtails, and full of curls in the back. She signs a lot and is trying new words all the time.  Her favorite thing in the world is picking out her shoes in the morning, which she definitely has an opinion about.  If presented with an unworthy pair she will shake her head and push them away until she finds a pair she likes. Today for the first time she picked out her outfit, going to her closet and pointing until I got down a certain pink frilly (summer) dress.  She loves stuffed animals and babies, pretends to rock and kiss her teddy bears, but still prefers to turn anything into an airplane, just like her big brothers.  The boys adore her and spoil her. She is such a sweet breath of prettiness and softness and girliness in our home!

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Peggy said...

She is so darling...reminds me so much of her Mommy as a baby!